In any Service Portal list view, currently 'Export as PDF', 'Export as Excel' and 'Export as CSV' are available options to export the records.

Example URL for incident list page:



This article explains how to remove any of these options.



The code for this is in 'Data Table' widget(ID:widget-data-table) widget. The server script of widget has below line of code:

$scope.exportTypes = [{label:'PDF', value: 'PDF'}, {label:'Excel', value:'EXCEL'}, {label:'CSV', value:'CSV'}];

This widget is included as embedded widget in 'Data Table From URL Definition' (ID:data-table-from-url) in Line 47 of server script.

data.dataTableWidget = $sp.getWidget('widget-data-table', data);

Please follow the below steps to update the options:

1.Clone 'Data Table' widget and name it as 'Clone of Data Table' (ID:clone-widget-data-table) and remove export types that are not needed and save the record.

 For example if we change from

$scope.exportTypes = [{label:'PDF', value: 'PDF'}, {label:'Excel', value:'EXCEL'}, {label:'CSV', value:'CSV'}];


$scope.exportTypes = [{label:'Excel', value:'EXCEL'}, {label:'CSV', value:'CSV'}];

 'Export as PDF' option will be removed.


2.Clone 'Data Table From URL Definition' (ID:data-table-from-url) and name it as 'Clone of Data Table From URL Definition' (ID:clone-data-table-from-url)

and in Server Script change

data.dataTableWidget = $sp.getWidget('widget-data-table', data);


data.dataTableWidget = $sp.getWidget('clone-widget-data-table', data);


3.Update 'list' page to use 'Clone of Data Table From URL Definition' in the widget instance.


Note : Any widget name and ID can be used for the cloned widgets. Make sure to use the ID correctly, while including the embedded widget

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