Creating multiple email reader jobs could cause some emails to be duplicated


You will recognise this problem because

  • Multiple Email Readers are running
  • Multiple IMAP/POP3 accounts are set
  • Incoming emails look duplicated on some cases


The product only supports having one email reader job running, any more will most likely cause duplicate emails.

If you find duplicate emails being triggered and notice multiple email reader jobs running. As long as nothing is being processed by the email readers you can simply set them to queued state so they won't be picking up emails anymore then remove them by selecting and deleting leaving one email reader job running.


Only run one Email Ready job at the same time for releases before Madrid.

Please note multiple email reader jobs are supported after Madrid. This can improve inbound reading if there are more than one inbound email accounts. Customers with only one account will see no performance changes.

Additional information

More information can be found in the product documentation: Multiple email readers


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Last Updated:2019-08-02 20:51:52