Data sources and transform maps are used to import data into the instance. This KB talks about a scenario where the imported choice fields from excel were not picked automatically by the instance


The platform has a table named "std_change_proposal" where the records can be imported using various methods.Our scenario is where customer is trying to import the records into std_change_proposal table using a data source of type excel and transform map wherein the choice fields like Assignment group and Business Service exist in the excel. Attached excel contains how the assignment group and business service field values are placed in excel to update the "change request value" field in the std_change_proposal table. 

If the values are placed directly as text in excel for above fields to update the "change request value" field in the std_change_proposal table , platform will consider the values as text message instead of resolving them to the actual field values on the table when records were created in the std_change_proposal table. This is causing the change record fields like Assignment group and business service to have NULL values when a change record is created from the standard templates.

This is because as the "change request value" field is not a direct field and holds other field values , any choice fields imported from the excel are not resolved to the actual field values on the platform and are marked as text.

The solution for this is to pass the sys id of the Assignment group and Business service in the excel during the import so they get resolved correctly when the change request template is created leading to the proper auto population of the values in the actual change records created from the template


i) Look at the change request value column of attachment named "Excel_InCorrect Format". It contains Assignment group and Business service field values as a text instead of sys id

ii) For this to work , you need to modify the values in the excel for above fields to "Assignment group Sys id" and "sys id of Business service" which are actual field records in their respective tables. Take a look at attachment named "Excel_Correct Format" for reference.


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