Exporting a report containing a large attachment like a CSV file with more than 25MB results in a dialog box with a "Mail it" option.

However, when clicked, the email message is generated without the expected attachment as it follows the limits on the outbound Email of the ServiceNow infrastructure.


The issue is observed when a user clicks on "Mail it" and the attachment is not seen in the generated Email


This is due to the limits on the outbound Email attachment size 


  1. Do not click on "Mail it" if large reports are exported.
  2. Instead, download the reports by clicking "Wait for it".
Note:  You can increase the value of system property However, if using the ServiceNow mail infrastructure to send these emails there is a hard limit of 25 MB ( total size of the email, including body and all attachments ) that can not be changed. You can use your own email infrastructure if you need to send attachments larger than 25 MB.


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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:53:53
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