How to get customer table to be tracked in update-set.

We have an OOB attribute (update_synch) by which we could get this but this is not supported and more details are in the documentation. 

Additional Information

We have an OOB UI Action on sys_db_object "Track in Update Sets" which can be used to get a custom table to be tracked in update-sets by getting this re-parented to sys_metadata.

But this should be used with caution and used in legitimate limited circumstances.

If we select a custom table to be tracked in update-set, every UPDATE/INSERT/DELETE on that table will be captured in sys_update_xml.


To summarize: 

  1. We DO NOT support adding update_synch=true to tables directly.we
    2. We only support extending sys_metadata, in limited circumstances (see below).
    3. We will not re-parent tables the customer didn't author.
    4. We will not re-parent tables that already have a parent.
    5. We will not re-parent a table you don't have permission to delete.
    6. You can create new tables that extend sys_metadata directly without using this UI action. That is strongly preferred to re-parenting.

Note:  Both table configuration change and the created data in the table will be captured in the update set. If you remove the 'Update_synch' attribute from the table, only configuration change can be captured. The data change inside will be ignored. Please refer to the screenshots below.


Table configuration captured in an update set (create a new column):

Added data captured in an update set whose type is shown up as the table name:


We have a known issue after tracking the table in the update sets, click here for details




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