• When Quick Discovery runs using a Pattern (e.g. Windows OS - Server).
  • Discovery Status completes but the Devices tab shows Completed Activity: "Classified" and Current Activity "Identifying"
  • In the Discovery Log, Error "Failed Exploring CI Pattern, Pattern name: <pattern_name>. Please Check Pattern Log Press Here".

Pattern Logs:

Identity Rule for table [table_name] missing Lookup Rule for class [lookup_table_name]

Release or Environment

Pre Orlando.


Lookup rule returned in payload, however no matching lookup rule in identifier.


  • Check on the CMDB Identifiers, "Discovery Definition > CI Identification > Identifiers".
  • Check on the Identifiers that Applies to <table_name>.
  • See if there are any custom Identifier created that Applies to the table affected.
  • If there is, either
    • de-activate the custom Identifier
    • add identifier lookup rule (see links on Additional Information section of this KB)

Note: "Configuration > CI Class Manager" can be used to determine what identifier is used for a table

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