Once SAMP or its related plugins are activated you may receive an email for reverting the customization. Sometimes it's hard to find where are these skipped files, validate and revert them to OOB. This article describes how you can find the list of skipped files related to SAMP related plugins and their dependent plugins.


Applicable Versions


Release or Environment

Jakarta ++


Madrid plus versions (Also LP4+ and KP12+ versions):

Beginning from Madrid we have a new module Revert Customizations introduced under the application Software Asset's module Administration. (Application Navigator >> Software Asset >> Administration >> Revert Customizations)

The above page gives the list of all customizations and you can review the files and revert them accordingly.


Jakarta to prior to LP4 and KP12 versions:

  • Log in to the instance and open the below URL:
  • Copy this URL SAMP-Plugin-Activation-Skipped-Files and replace the instance name with your instance name. 
  • The above URL will give you a list of files (related to SAMP and its related/dependent plugins) skipped during the SAMP plugin activation.
  • Now, group them by Filename. You will see the actual count of the files skipped during the plugin activation. (Note down the count)


For Reverting them to OOB:

Method#1: Select the list of files/all skipped ones and select the bottom Actions menu and choose "Revert to Base System".

Method#2: Sometimes you may not see the UI Action "Revert to Base System" this is because of the instance might have cloned and it may lose the base files. In these situations follow the below steps:

  • Go to ‘sys_update_version’ table list view and search for this file.
  • Open the latest file (by sorting it z-a on Recorded at) and compare the contents of it with the source code and if the contents match, revert to this file. Then mark this file as ‘reverted’ in Upgrade history.




Method #3: Alternatively, you can reach ServiceNow customer support they can run some revert scripts to revert all these related files to OOB. Please note that we need customer approval for running this revert scripts in the "Scripts - background".

Validation of reverted files:

  • Immediately after you revert the files, follow the below procedure to validate the file reversion.
  • Remember we noted the number of files before reverting the skipped files. SAMP-Plugin-Activation-Skipped-Files 
  • Now, copy the URL below and replace the <<instance_name>> with your instance name, open it and validate the count is the same as previously noted count.

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