Dashboard loading breaks when an applied breakdown (source) is deleted. The user preference is saved if any users have preselected a breakdown on a dashboard. If this breakdown is later deleted, the preferences do not get updated, causing the loading issue.


Steps to Reproduce


1. Create a new dashboard.

2. Add a breakdown source to the dashboard.

3. Add a PA widget, relevant to the breakdown source, to the dashboard.

4. Select an element from the breakdown selector. Observe widget is filtered.

5. Go to the dashboard property and remove the breakdown source.

6. Open the dashboard again and observe the widget(s) attempting to load, which is expected with no breakdown filter applied.
The loading fails with a Javascript error thrown in the browser console.



Please review the Fixed In section to determine the latest available patch your instance can be upgraded to.

A workaround to resolve the issue on instance that can not be upgraded is to navigate to the [sys_user_preference] table, search the preference '' records for the specific affected users, and delete these records. This would allow users to load the dashboard again, however, as the users visit the dashboard, all the preferences do get recreated.

Another workaround to avoid this issue is to click inside the dashboard, and scroll it to load it completely first, and then scroll up. All the widgets would then load as expected.

Related Problem: PRB1264889

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Fixed In

Kingston Patch 13
London Patch 6

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