Cascading variables that have different data types is not working on the portal but works on the platform.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Navigate to an existing order guide (For example: New Hire)
2. Add a variable (such as testVar)of type 'Single line text' on the order guide.
3. Add a variable with same name (testVar) but of type 'Reference' to one of the included items such as Standard Laptop
---> Reference table 'cmdb_ci' table with simple reference qualifier.
4. Create an onLoad client script to populate a value for the variable in the order guide such as
g_form.setValue("testVar", "b4fd7c8437201000deeabfc8bcbe5dc1");
---> Here b4fd7c8437201000deeabfc8bcbe5dc1 is sys_id of a record in cmdb_ci table.
5. Navigate to order guide on portal.
6. Notice that the sys_id is correctly set in Single line text on initial load.
7. Fill out other fields and click "Next".
8. In the Choose Options screen, the reference field in included item will have sys_id instead of the actual record from cmdb_ci table.

Expected behavior: The variable should cascade in the catalog item.
Actual behaviour: the variable doesn't cascade in the catalog item.


After careful consideration of the issue, the dev team has informed that auto-type casting of the cascaded variables is only supported on platform and not on the service portal. Hence this problem is in Won't fix state.

Related Problem: PRB1326047

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