In an environment with a large number of Discovery targets and a large number of external credentials, the HTTP - Classify probe can slow down processing, causing Discovery to time out and cancel the schedule. 

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Activate the Discovery plugin on a London instance.

  2. Select a target machine with HTTP port 80 open.

    The HTTP server on the target machine should be very slow.

  3. Define at least 20 Basic Auth Discovery credentials that you know are invalid.

  4. Perform a Quick Discovery of this target.

    Expected behavior: The HTTP - Classify probe (HTTPClassyProbe) should timeout and return.

    Actual behavior: The HTTP - Classify probe takes about 2 to 4 minutes to try each external credential, which takes about 50 minutes of processing time. The probe loops through the records in the discovery_classy_http table and tries each credential with every record. For example, if the discovery_classy_http table contains 5 records, and there are 20 credentials in use, Discovery loops through the records 100 times, if each credential fails.



The workaround requires you to disable the HTTP - Classify probe. This can be accomplished by modifying values in the http Discovery Port Probe to match those in the Kingston version.

  1. Navigate to Discovery Definition > Port Probes.

  2. Open the http record.

  3. In the Trigger Probe field, remove HTTP - Classify and leave the field blank.

  4. In the Use classification field, change the value from HTTP Classification to Process Classification.

  5. Cancel all Discovery statuses that are still running.

  6. Wait for the MID Server to response to the cancellation.

  7. Restart the MID Servers affected by the changes to the HTTP - Classify probe to ensure that the HTTP - Classify probe is not on any threads after restarting.

  8. Start a new Discovery schedule.

Related Problem: PRB1322839

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