Resource Allocation Report does not show the Requested Hours for Group Resource Plan with Specific User

Steps to Reproduce


Steps to Reproduce: 
1. Create two Resource Plans for a Project
1.a RPL1 --> Group Resource "Core R&D"--> All members --> 40 hours , start January 1 2018 and end January 31 2018
1.b RPL2 --> Group Resource "Core R&D" --> Specific Member ==> 'Wildo Sisk' --> 60 hours , start January 1 2018 and end January 31 2018

2. Navigate to 'Resource Reports'
-> Report Type -> Allocation
--> Entity Type --> Group 
-->Group > Core R&D
All Members and Duration is 1 year from now

3. Click Run button. 
4. Shows 100 hours 'Requested' (BLUE COLOR) for January 2017. 
5. Click Edit button 
6. On the "Members" list, select "Wildo Sisk" 
7. Click Run button 

Notice there is NO BLUE requested time showing for January 2018. 

Because this is a Group + Specific member report. Therefore it should show the requested hours for specific member also


1. With the fix, now Resource managers will be able to see the requested hours for resource plans which were created for Group Resource and specific Members

2. If the Resource plan is for a group and All members, then choosing any member for that resource plan will not show Requested hours because the requested_allocations are not stored against any member Allocations are only made against specific users when we allocate the resource plan.


Code fix involves changes at multiple places and files. So, it is suggested to upgrade to the fixed patch.

This issue is fixed in Kingston Patch13, London Patch 4 and Madrid.

Related Problem: PRB1160060

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