This article describes how to add the intended new field(s) into the cab_workbench view in the change request record.

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1. Go to any change record and open it.

2. Right click the header and select configure Form Layout.

3. Go to the "Form view and section" in the lower left corner of the Form Layout screen.

4. Select the View Name: cab_workbench.

5. Select the wanted Form Section, i.e. Planning.

6. At the top right, select "Edit this section".

7. Find your wanted field on the 'Available' slushbucket list collector, move it to the 'Selected' slushbicket, and position it where you would like to see it.

8. Save your changes.

9. Open your Cab Workbench and open a change. If you had one open already, you may need to refresh the page.

10. Verify if your new field has been added to the planning section.

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Last Updated:2019-08-29 09:47:19