• The command line control uses for  executing the commands from service-now itself without login into the respective server.
  • It facilitates the search of information that may be needed when creating discovery pattern steps.
  • The command line console is not a real-time command line console, therefore commands like cd will not work.
  • The command line console can be intimidating since it appears like anyone can run any command on any host when in reality, only users with the proper permissions can use the console. 


  • Service mapping plugin "com.snc.service-mapping" must need to be activated.
  • The hosts which we are trying to communicate via "SaCmdManager" must need to be Discovered successfully and populated to CMDB.
  • Target IP must be reachable by the MID Server.

How to activate /Inactivate

  •   The interface will be provided by the processor, It can be activated or inactivated based on the requirement to use it.
  •    Go to System Definition ->Processors  ,Search for "SaCmdManager".       




              Syntax : https://<instance>/<Target IP>                             


  •   Windows Command Examples :

                   type "C:\CloudDimensions\mongoose.cfg.txt"

        dir "C:\CloudDimensions"


  • Unix Command Examples :

                    #cat /usr/local/rvm/rubies/ruby-2.3.0/config

        #ls /usr/local2


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