Customer query on discrepancies on count of "Skipped" records between different pages after the upgrade.



Skipped updates count mismatch between "Upgrade Summary Report"/"Upgrade Monitor" vs "Changes Skipped widget on Upgrade History" vs “disposition Group by from sys_upgrade_history_log” table.


Additional Information

"Skipped" field on "Upgrade monitor"/"Upgrade Summary" and the count of skipped records from sys_upgrade_history_log is different as the above field do not take a blanket count of skipped records.

The field name is "changes_skipped" in "Upgrade monitor"/"Upgrade Summary" and "Upgrade History" form.

The Value for "Skipped" is also available on the record and we can get this information added to the form by configuring the form layout.

Below screenshots will give more information on this.

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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:51:49