A question that is sometimes asked is how can an administrator change the headlines that appear in the News gadget which can be included in various Dashboards or Homepages.

In an out-of-box instance the system determines what to display in the News Gadget based on Knowledge Management article records that have a Topic field set to a value of News.  In order to appear in the scrolling list of "new" the article must also be in a Published state.  If there are no such articles, the News gadget display will simply be blank, showing no article headlines.


There are several sets of steps that are taken to allow customization and display of the News gadget on a dashboard.  The following sections show these steps:

Displaying the Topic Field

By default the Topic field is not displayed on the list or record form for Knowledge Base articles.  Thus, the first step is to configure the form and/or list to display this field as proper configuration of an article to be displayed in the gadget requires it have a Topic field set to a value of News.

To display the Topic field in a list, first display a list of Knowledge Base records.  Click the cog icon (Personalize List) at the upper left side of the list to customize this list.  In the slushbucket form that appears, double click the column with the name Topic in the left list to cause it to move to the right list.  Use the up and down arrow buttons to position the field as needed in the list.  Click the OK button when complete to save the list personalization.  The list will then reload, displaying the new column.

kb_knowledge article list with Topic field

Alternatively, the Topic field can be added to the form display itself which can then be used to populate the field as necessary for proper display in the News widget.  This can be done by an admin level user accessing the Configure -> Form Design option selectable from the contextual menu from any kb_knowledge record which might be displayed onscreen.

Thus, for any articles which should appear in the News gadget, this Topic field should be set to the value News which will then enable the published article to appear in the News widget.

Adding the Gadget to a Dashboard

The News gadget itself can be added to any Dashboard from the "Gadgets" category of the Add Widgets menu.  Simply open the dashboard you intend to add the News gadget to with an account having modify rights to that dashboard, click the Add Widgets button (+) and select News from the Gadgets category of Widgets.  Once selected, the News gadget can be moved and resized as necessary on the Dashboard.

Adding News Widget

Adding the Gadget to a Homepage

The News gadget can also be added to a Homepage.  This is done through the Add content button found on the Homepage for users who have the necessary permissions to modify that Homepage.

After clicking the Add content button on the Homepage a dialog box will appear which contains a list of all the objects which can be added to the Homepage.

Create or Modify Articles to Appear as News

The last step simply consists of creating new articles or updating existing articles such as to ensure they will appear as a News headline in the News gadget.  An article must fulfill all of the following criteria in order to ensure it will appear in the News gadget:

  • The Topic field must be set to a value of News.
  • The article must currently have a status of Published.
  • The Valid to date for that article must be later than the current date on which the gadget is being viewed.

News type KB article

The actual scrolling headlines that are displayed are extracted from the Short Description field of each of these articles,  HTML formatting and styling can be used in this field (providing the glide.ui.escape_text system property is set to false on the instance) to allow the headline to draw attention in various ways.

Clicking on the scrolling headline will open the appropriate KB article from which that headline was extracted.

Dashboard with News Widget

If a particular user does not have the necessary permissions to view a specific article, that article headline will not appear for that user.

This Widget is different from the Service Portal KB News widget which is designed for display on service portal pages.

Article Information

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