Dependent Choice List Values are shown "blue" in the list view for a table in child domain


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Dependent choice is not in the child domain


Make sure that all dependent values are in the child domain

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Creating Domain-Specific Choice Lists

For choice list values, as for other UI components like lists, forms, sections, and so on, domain separation also determines which records appear on a page.

  • If there is a choice in the current domain, then it is used.
  • If there is no choice in the current domain, then the choice that is in the closest parent domain is used.
  • If no choice is found in the current domain or any parent, then the form that is in the global domain is used.

This logic applies to choice list values as a set. As soon as one choice list is found for the relevant table and field, then only that set of choices appears in the drop-down list.

Note: Administrators should ensure that choices are unique across domains to prevent administrative confusion in the global domain.

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