When referencing an image or sys_attachment in email HTML content, the email cannot be sent, and is left in the send-failed state with an error "IOException while sending message"

The error message does not provide helpful info to identify which attachment cannot be read.

Steps to Reproduce


1) Import the xml for the UI System Image (an image attachment that is corrupted)
2) On any incident, open the email client
3) Press the 'image' icon in the editor toolbar
4) Add the db image into the email message.
5. Send the email
6) Check email status and see IOException occurs and the email is 'send-failed', and the attachment is not identified.


The missing identification of which sys_attachment record is corrupted has no workaround.

If there are many attachments in the email, you will need to narrow down until to find the attachment generating this error.


Once you have located which attachment is corrupt, you can workaround to send the email by either:

A) Delete any reference to the corrupted image in the body of the html email <img src='.......'>, or attached to the sys_email record for a non-inline attachment.

B) Replace the corrupted image in System UI / Images with a new correct image. Do not import XML from another system. Please use the User Interface to upload the images instead.

Related Problem: PRB1324395

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