On the portal page sc_cart, the Price and Subtotal values are not shown even though the item has a price defined.

Upon checking out the cart, the prices become visible again on the sc_request page.

The View Cart (sc_cart) page looks like below for an item that has a price associated:





The issue is caused due to the cart layout not being defined to show the pricing information on the cart widget. 

The cart layout can be found in the below URI: 



Take below steps to fix the issue:

- Go to service catalog> Maintain cart Layout 
- Under Cart Layouts, open the record for the Shopping Cart Widget; target type> browser widget> shopping cart widget (or, use the uri mentioned above to directly navigate to the record) 
- Check Price and other components that you want to be shown on the portal 

Additional Information

Use the below link to find more on how to configure a cart layout here:

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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:51:29