Getting error "Browser failed to submit 'new_call' form to server when clicking UI Action 'New Incident'" when executing the "Click a UI Action"  STEP in ATF


Steps To Reproduce

 1. Create STEP in ATF "Click a UI Action" as below

2. Give Assert type - "Form submitted to server"

3. Table - "incident" and UI action - "New incident"

Then the form doesn't submit and throws the following error:



 DEV Team confirmed that "UI Action "New Incident" has client=true, meaning it does not submit the form immediately.customer should set the Assert type to "none"."

1.Verify that the UI Action has 'Client = True' as shown below:

2. If the client is "true", then change the Assert type to None as below:

The form now submits successfully. ATF Step will complete successfully.



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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:53:06