In Service Portal, the calendar popup that is seen after clicking on the "Select day and time" button stays open even after the user tabs and moves the focus away from the date field.

Steps to Reproduce


1. Navigate to Service Portal > "Order something" > "Add network switch to datacenter cabinet" item and Submit.
2. Scroll down to the Schedule tab and on the "Requested by date" filed.
3. Click the "Select day and time" button and pick any date. Notice the pop up does not automatically close.
4. While the calendar popup, is open click the tab keyboard key. Notice that when in the calendar popup you click the tab it goes to the next field but the date field popup is still open.
5. Navigate to change_request.list and open any record.
6. In the Schedule tab click on the "Select day and time" button.
7. Pick any date.
Notice that when you press the tab keyboard button the focus is still in the popup, and moves down the dates. When you click on the form, you can also close the popup. Same as in Service Portal.


This problem is fixed in Madrid. As a workaround on previous versions, click anywhere in the page to close the popup.


Related Problem: PRB1321994

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