The Performance Analytics system within ServiceNow allows "Top X" Widgets to be created based on a specific Performance Analytics Breakdown.

In other words, only the first X records (based on the type configured for the associated Breakdown record) will be displayed in the Breakdown division for the final Widget to be displayed.

This article will detail how this is done in the Performance Analytics system.


To begin, the instance should be logged into with a user having the pa_admin, pa_power_user or admin role on that instance.

Once logged onto the instance, browse to the following location on that instance using the menu navigator: Performance Analytics -> Widgets.

On the list of Widgets which should display, click the New button to begin creation of a new Performance Analytics type Widget.

Provide a Name for the Widget which should be descriptive of the data the Widget will display.

In the Indicator field select a pre-existing Indicator on the instance that is collecting the data required for this visualization (i.e. Number of open incidents).

In the Breakdown field, select the specific Breakdown category for which you want to categorize the Widget's display (i.e. Assignment Group).

In the Type field, select Breakdown.

In the Visualization field, select an appropriate chart type for the Widget display (i.e. Column).

Selecting the Type field to Breakdown will cause the Breakdown Settings tab to display near the bottom of the record.  Click this tab in order to allow customization of the data on that tab.

Set the Show top x field to the maximum number of rows you want to have displayed in the Widget corresponding to the selected Breakdown and Indicator (i.e. 5).

Set the remainder of the fields on the widget form as needed for the particular data view that is to be displayed as part of this Widget.

New top x performance analytics widget

After all fields have been populated as needed, click the Submit button to save the new Widget. 

Add this new Widget to an existing or new Dashboard on the instance and ensure the scores as associated to the Indicator for the Widget have been collected.

Note that the specific breakdowns that will be added to the actual displayed chart will be directly based on the values selected in the Sort on and Sort direction fields.  In other words, the top x display can be thought of as the first x records that would show in a list of records corresponding to the Indicator and Breakdown combination as selected for the widget, with that list ordered by the field selected in the Sort on field and in a direction selected by the Sort direction field. 

Top X widget display

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