When a user orders an item with Requested for variable populated as the same user, the sc_request record has a different user in the requested_for field.


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  1. The issue is occurring because the sc_cart table has many carts called DEFAULT created by users with a different requested for user.
  2. These records might have been created by users who intended to order an item of someone else, added the item to cart, but then changed their ming and did not complete the order. Hence the sc_cart record was created with requested for as that different user.
  3. Please check here: https://<instance_name>
  4. Note the User and Requested for in the cart record.
  5. Impersonate the user in the "user" field of the sc_cart record and order the item, it will be seen that the Request will have the different requested_for as noted in the sc_cart record earlier.


  1. Delete the SC_cart records seen in the URL above.
  2. This will not affect your instance in anyway, the sc_cart records will be created again when the user orders the item.
  3. The users who might have intentionally saved the items in their carts will notice the item doesn't exist in their cart, they will simply have to re-order the item.


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Last Updated:2019-08-02 20:53:30