Process detection, and some pattern commands, require the use of the WMI Collector service. To use the WMI Collector service, the MID Server service communicates via localhost on port 8585 by default. The following error is thrown when communication cannot be established between the MID Server service and the WMI Collector service.

Http request to WMI process running on host http:localhost:8585 failed


All versions.

Root Cause

The cause for the communication failure is often one of the following reasons:

  1. WMI Collector Service is not running, or fails to start.
  2. Port 8585 is already in use by another application.


Service not running or fails to start:

  1. Start the WMI Collector service.
  2. If starting the service fails, review the collector logĀ "<install_directory>\agent\bin\sw_wmi\log\logfile.txt". The solution to starting the service will depend on the error found in the log.

Port already in use by another application:

  1. Change the configured port for the WMI Collector via configuration file "<install_directory>\agent\bin\sw_wmi\conf\wmi_collector.ini", and parameter "port".
    • port=<available_port>
  2. Restart the service.

Additional Information

Other KBs related to WMI Collector errors:

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