How to move the Private Task or Card from one Board to another Board on Visual Task Freeform Boards


The follow a example used in this KB:

Private Task Record, for example: PTSK0001005
Source Freeform Board: the Private Task (vtb_task) currently belong to. For example: 'Board A'
Target Freeform Board: the Private Task need to move to. For example: Board name: 'Board B'

The steps to change the record (PTSK0001005) from 'Board A' to ''Board B' on lane 'Lane B' as the following:

This change require the user to be the Board Owner or the Admin who can change VTB records

  1. To get the order number from the target board:
    - Navigating on left panel: vtb_board.list
    - search Board name as source board: Board B
    - on the related "Visual Task Board Cards" tab
    - sort the Order field by 'z to a' to check the max number. For example: max number shows 10
    2. Find the card on the source board which Private Task link to
    - Navigating on left panel: vtb_card.list
    - Search the task number under Task column. for example: PTSK0001005
    - The list view should include the follow columns, if not add them to the view: Board, Lane, Task, Order
    3. On the record list view:
    - Double Click on Board field record, change the Board name from 'Board A' to 'Board B' by lookup list or selecting the name on the cell
    - Double Click On Lane cell, change the correct lane: 'Lane B' from the lookup list. ***Important: Please make sure you changed the lane from the lookup list since it may be linked to the source board with the same lane name
    - Double Click on the Order cell, change the order number to increment by 1 that we derived from last bullet in step 1: the value would be 11 for our example.

After the change, you can review the board, the PTSK0001005 should show up on Board B on Lane B ordered as 11.

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