The notification on Publications does not get updated on an upgraded instance after publishing, and the Preview Target Email does not load.

Steps to Reproduce

1) Install the plugin Targeted Communications on an instance in need to be upgraded (i.e. Kingston or London).

2) Once installed, create a Recipient List with Type = "Internal users".

3) Enable the advanced conditions listed below:
Table = sys_user_grmemeber
User Field = User
Condition = Group is Network

4) Create a publication with the recipient list just created and Email Template = "Publication Default".

5) Once this is published, make sure the Notification field is updated, and see the notification was sent to the recipient list.

6) Click on Related Link - Preview Target Email. Notice the preview of the email opens with no issues.

7) Request the instance to upgrade to a later London patch or a later release.

8) Once the upgrade is completed, repeat the steps 4-5-6.

Notice the following:
- the notification field is not updated
- the notification is not sent to the recipient list
- the related link "Preview Target Email" does not load at all
- the alert "Please refresh the recipient list to see the notification" is displayed


This is expected behavior. Prior to London, the targeted communications functionality was limited to CSM customers. From London and onwards, the functionality was made generic to be consumed by all customers with or without the CSM plugin. As part of this change, OOB notifications are no longer supported for internal customers for publication. Internal customers are expected to access the publication via the platform.

The workaround is to bypass the check to see if the CSM plugin is active. This is done using the edited script include "RecipientsListApi" (sys_id = 277edc29d74112004f1e82285e61037b).


Related Problem: PRB1323964

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