Please refer to Configure form layout displays 'label' as section name for generic form layout breaks.


Below is an example on how form breaks in domain separated instance:


1. Make sure you have only one ‘sys_ui_form’ record and in global domain:

2. Go to TOP/ACME domain, and create an incident (or open an existing incident that belongs to TOP/ACME domain)


3. Right click on the form header, select Configure à Form layout


4. Change the form layout from TOP/ACME domain and save it.

5. This creates a new ‘sys_ui_form’ and its related records in TOP/ACME domain overriding the ‘global’ domain ‘sys_ui_form’


6. Go to TOP domain and open any record like above which is created in TOP/ACME domain:


7. Configure form layout for this record from TOP domain: You will see the form broken.



  • This form exists in Global domain & TOP/ACME domain only, and TOP/ACME domain overrides the global domain.
  • When we have “glide.sys.domain.use_record_domain_for_data” property set to ‘true’, the record always opens in record’s domain. And when we have “glide.sys.domain.use_record_domain_for_processes” property set to ‘true’, the process (forms/form sections) on record’s domain gets applied as well.
  • From TOP domain, if you look at the ‘sys_ui_form’ list, you will only see the one from global domain. But this global domain process isn’t getting applied to the record in TOP/ACME domain. Hence the issue is caused.
  • If we set “glide.sys.domain.use_record_domain_for_processes” property is set to ‘false’ the above issue will not occur, but that’s not an actual solution.
  • As this issue is newly created in this instance only, importing the correct form/sections from other layouts is not an option.


Resolution 1:

  • Go to the ‘sys_ui_form’ list from global domain & expand domain scope.
  • Delete the TOP/ACME domain record.
  • From TOP domain create a new form layout for relevant TOP domain record’s and then override that from with its children like TOP/ACME by creating new form layouts from TOP/ACME domain.
  • Maintaining the hierarchy appropriately can avoid showing such issues [TOP overrides global, TOP/ACME overrides TOP]

Resolution 2:

  • If resolution 1 is not suitable, do not try to update the form layout from TOP domain that belongs to TOP/ACME records.
  • Go to TOP/ACME domain itself to update such form layouts of those records, as technically TOP domain doesn’t contain a layout itself.

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