When using Change Risk Assessment, after filling all the values in the assessment the Risk field on the change form does not get updated with the result of the assessment calculations.


London Patch 1


Using Change Management with optional plugin Change Risk Assessment enabled.


The dictionary entry for the Risk field does not have a default value properly set.

When the change risk assessment is submitted, as part of the calculations, the _calculateConditionRisk method (on script include ChangeRiskAsmtSNC) evaluates the assessment conditions for the current record:

_calculateConditionRisk: function(changeRequestGr) {
var risk = new RiskCalculator(changeRequestGr).calculateRisk();
risk.risk = risk.risk + "";

Since there is no default value for the Risk, it returns a risk of 0 (zero) which, for risk evaluation purposes, is higher than 1,2,3, etc since the lower the numeric value, the higher the risk is. For that reason, the change record does not get updated.


Setting a valid default value for the Risk field will get the issue fixed.

On a change request form:

  • Right-click on the Risk label and select "Configure Dictionary";
  • Check the available choices on the Choices related list;
  • On the same form, on the "Default Value" tab, set it to one of the available choices;

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