When the User Preference for 'enter_submits_form' for all users is set to True on the instance, hitting the enter key on a text or search field in a form, causes the system to execute the very first UI Action on the form which is unexpected behavior.

Tested in:
Build name: London
Build date: 12-20-2018_1717
Build tag: glide-london-06-27-2018__patch4-hotfix2-12-20-2018
Instance name: empstl546

Steps to Reproduce

- Go to User Preferences and filter list by name=enter_submits_form
- Set this user preference to TRUE

Test Scenario 1:
- Create a new UI Action for any form and set its order to -100 so that it executes first
- Add a simple alert in UI Action Script for testing
- Pick any string type field on the same form and enter some text and hit the Enter key on keyboard
- Observe that the system throws the alert when you hit Enter key

Test Scenario 2:
- Open any sys_db_object record on the instance in default form view and make sure Delete All Records is only UI Action on the form, or set its Order so that it runs first
- Scroll down to Columns section on the form and under the Column label enter any text and hit enter
- Observe that the system executes the UI Action on form (see attached...since Delete All Records is only UI Action on form, that gets executed)

Expected Behavior: System just accepts the text entered into the field and process the enter keystroke
Actual Behavior: System also executes the first UI Action on the form


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To workaround this issue until a fix is available, set the 'enter_submits_form' User Preference record to False. This would be following record on any instance replacing the instance name in the url below: 


Here is online documentation on 'enter_submits_form' User Preference.

Related Problem: PRB1324014

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