The Field Normalization Rule form layout () is wrong in relation to the 'split' elements. When the UI tries to render this layout, the Condition Builder ends up in a left split and so is truncated, making it very hard to use, because Condition Builder fields are designed to only be used full width.

Current form elements:

(.begin_split is missing)
rule (This field type cannot be within a Split)

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to Field Normalization -> Normalizations
  2. Click New, fill out fields and Save the record
  3. Under Normal Values related list, click New and fill out fields -> Save the record
  4. On the Normal Value record navigate to related lists and select Rules -> New
  5. Fill out fields and start adding conditions - Observe that conditions are cut off and not present on the screen



Modify the form layout by moving the Rule field outside the split sections, and correcting the Split elements:

  1. Navigate to Field Normalization -> Normalizations
  2. Open an existing record, and then Open a Rule from the related lists
  3. On that Field Normalization Rule form, right click the header and Configure -> Form Layout
  4. By adding, removing and moving elements fields around in the right-hand slushbucket, change the layout from this:

    To this, and then Save.

  5. The form layout should now look like this, and the Rules field condition builder will be usable again.

Related Problem: PRB710663

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