As per the "KB0724370 - How to allow ITIL users to share filter with other user groups" article, you can allow the ITIL users to share filter with any users/groups.

However, if you would like to hide the everyone option for ITIL, this article will guide you. 


  • If you have granted "filter_global" role to ITIL users to grant them read access on the Filter records, please remove the "filter_global" role from the ITIL Users. This is because, when the user has "filter_global", automatically system will display "everyone" option as per the platform code.
  • Now after revoking the "filter_global" role from ITIL users, still to grant ITIL users to have read access on Filter records, you need to define a new custom read ACL on the sys_filter table.

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Any supported release. 

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