With the filter builder on the list view, generally ITIL users will not be able to share the filters with other groups/users, only the admin user can do so. This article will brief on how ITIL user can be configured to share the filter as well. 

Below screenshot shows the filter builder from the admin user perspective,

Below screenshot shows the filter builder from ITIL user perspective,


  • Via granting "filter_global" role to ITIL user, you can allow them to share the filters to other users/groups.
  • Platform code for the filter Group lookup is hardcoded in such a way that when the current user is admin display all the groups, else when the current user is non-admin display only his group via function getMyGroups().
  • getMyGroups() function is defined in the out of the box provided Business rule,
  • You can customize the above mentioned getMyGroups() as per your business need with ITIL user. However, please note that this method is used by various out of the box provided ACL's and other logics and hence we highly recommend not to customize it.
  • This is a good candidate for an enhancement request, you can refer to following KB Article on how to create enhancement reqesut:
    Requesting ServiceNow product enhancements

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Any supported release.

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