The Service Portal Announcement feature allows Admins to create simple announcements which will display as a banner at the top of the page when navigating to the Service Portal. Admins are able to create multiple announcements, set text, and the duration on how long these announcements will display for. Please see the Additional Information below for more information.

When implementing the Service Portal Announcement feature, the text written in the 'Summary' field will display on one line within the Service Portal associated. When adding new lines or multiple consecutive lines, these are ignored by the system when displaying the actual text on the Service Portal.

This is expected behaviour, this feature does not support multiple lines or the use of code tags to perform line breaks. 

Please see the following image:



Additional Information

There is a potential workaround which involves making use of multiple announcements active at the same time and then having it displayed one after the other. You can see which announcement appears first using the 'Display first' checkbox on the Announcement form. You will need to inform users to expand the announcement however as by default multiple announcements are not expanded.

If there is a tie between two records set to Display first, the sort order defined in the glide.service_portal.announcement.default.sort_order system property is honored. 

Default sort order for announcements

The sort order for banner announcements.
Type: choice list
Default value: Start Date Descending

Other options for Default value include:
Start Date Ascending: The oldest start date appears first.
Start Date Descending: The most recent start date appears first.
End Date Ascending: The oldest end date appears first.
End Date Descending: The most recent end date appears first.


Please see the below links to our documentation for further information:

Service Portal Announcement

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