- Users who are logged in to their instance may see an error "Security constraints prevent access to requested page" when navigating to modules/applications after the plugin "GRC: Vendor Risk Management" has been activated. Users will not be able to navigate away from their current page.

- Users who login to the instance after the activation of the plugin "GRC: Vendor Risk Management" will not be affected.



Steps to reproduce:

Issue is reproducible on the releases: Jakarta Patch 10, Kingston Patch 11 & London Patch 3

  1. Login to the instance before plugin "GRC: Vendor Risk Management" is activated.
  2. In another browser, login as an admin user and activate plugin "GRC: Vendor Risk Management
  3. Go back to browser in step 1 and attempt to navigate to any module/application. The message - "Security constraints prevent access to requested page" will be displayed




Jakarta Patch 10, Kingston Patch 11 & London Patch 3


As per the documentation for "Activate  Risk Management", activating the Vendor Risk Management plugin also installs the Explicit Roles plugin. Please refer to Components installed with Vendor Risk Management for the changes in roles. The change in roles will require the logged in users to logout and login again so that the changes in role will be applied.



To resolve the error message, logged in users will need to logout and login again. 


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