The ticket page in Service Portal throws the JavaScript error below when a location is checked with Google Maps for the first time:

"You have exceeded your request quota for this API"

Steps to Reproduce


1. Allow location checking on your browse (issue observed in IE, Chrome, Edge).
2. Login as administrator.
3. Go to the SP ticket page.
4. Click on the location globe icon.

Notice the JS error alert info message, and inspect the browser console to find the error:

"You have exceeded your request quota for this API"


This problem is fixed. Please review the Fixed In section to determine the latest available patch your instance can be upgraded to.

Instances on earlier patches would need to configure their own "Google Maps API key" under System Properties > Google Maps. The map key from Google is tied to the URL of the server.

To obtain a new key, visit .


Related Problem: PRB1312458

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Fixed In

London Patch 9
Madrid Patch 4
New York

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