Length style parameters added to "Simple List widget" do not restrict the length on IE.
It can be observed that in IE browser that "{{::c.otpions.panel_body_height}}" is not evaluated when added as a style attribute of any HTML element.
For example, in a simple list widget inside "Body HTML Template" field, the below HTML code fails to get evaluated:

<ul class="list-group hide-x-overflow" style="max-height: {{::c.options.panel_body_height || 'none'}}; overflow-y: auto;">

Steps to Reproduce


1. Create a service portal page in a Kingston instance.
2. In the page add "Simple List widget", click on the Edit button on the widget, add the Incident table and display the required fields.
3. Select Maximum entries as "25" and Set List body height as "200px".
4. Save the widget and page.
5. Check the page in the IE browser. Observe the height is not restricted to the provided value.
6. Check the page in Chrome, notice it is working as expected.


This problem was fixed in London. Please review the Fixed In section to determine the latest available patch your instance can be upgraded to.

One of the following workarounds can be applied:

1 -

I) Clone the widget - Simple List widget.

II) In the template change the following line:
<ul class="list-group hide-x-overflow" style="max-height: {{::c.options.panel_body_height || 'none'}}; overflow-y: auto;"> 
<ul class="list-group hide-x-overflow" ng-style="::{maxHeight: c.getMaxHeight()}" style="overflow-y: auto;"> 

III) Add a new function to the client script of the widget: 
c.getMaxHeight = function() { 
return c.options.panel_body_height || 'none'; 

IV) Use then the cloned widget instead of the OOB widget.


2 -

Edit the sp_instance record referencing the 'SImple list widget' widget and add the following to the CSS field (use your preferred height): 
.list-group {max-height:150px !important}


Related Problem: PRB1288858

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