How to hide the Attachmen icon (Paper Clip) and Activity Stream icon from the form banner in platform UI.


Add the attribute no_attachment and set it to true on the respective table's sys_dictionary record (of type 'collection').

To hide the activity stream icon from a particular table, create the system property glide.ui.stream_icon.<table_name> of true|false type and set the value to false.

NOTE: Replace <table_name> in the system property with the name of the table on which you need to hide the activity stream icon.


For example, see the incident form which has both the attachment and activity stream icons, as shown in this screenshot:

To hide the icons in the incident table:

  • Navigate to the sys_dictionary record of the incident table
  • Find the record with Type: Collection
  • Add the attribute "no_attachment"

To hide the activity stream icon, create a new system property:

  • Name: glide.ui.stream_icon.incident
  • Type: true|false
  • Value: false
  • Save the system property and reload the incident form. 

The incident form will now look like this: 

NOTE: Adding the dictionary attribute "no_attachment", and the system property "glide.ui.stream_icon.incident" will hide these icons on the Mobile UI as well.

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 20:54:52