Inconsistent behavior between instances with adding snc_internal role to new users after activating Explicit Roles plugin

On some instances the snc_internal role is added to the new user upon login, which is as documented in the online docs link below. 

On other instances, the snc_internal role is added just by loading the sys_user record by any user


Any release supporting Explicit Roles plugin


In addition to user login, snc_internal role can also added to the user role as part of the Resource Management plugin functionality by the View Calendar UI Action on the sys_User form


- As per the Docs link below, for new Users, snc_internal role is inserted into the User Roles when they first login after plugin activation
- In addition, Resource Management plugin if activated, also adds the snc_internal role (if missing) to the User Role when loading the sys_user form for the user. This is out of box functionality and is processed by View Calendar UI Action on the Sys_user form when the form loads.

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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:50:43