Published workflows activity properties should be read only.
Further, after adding an Approval Coordinator activity to a workflow, when opening it for an update, it throws a client error and behaves erratically:
1) If you have added a custom script for approval processing, the Script editor does not display.
2) The "When a rejection occurs" field is supposed to be hidden, but it still displays because the client script/UI Policy hiding it does not execute.
3) The "Approval Script" script editing box does not display.
4) None of the normal UI Actions are enabled and work properly.
5) When you update the record, it exits completely to a list view in the workflow editor, instead of returning to the view of the workflow.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Open a published workflow from the workflow editor.
  2. Click on the icon in the upper left corner of an activity, you get the option to open the record.
  3. Open the record by clicking on "Open Record" button.
  4. When that record is open, you can see that all the fields are editable.
  5. Edit any of the field. Notice there is no Save button.
  6. Hit the back arrow and confirm if you want to save your work.
  7. Choosing to save allows those changes to be saved into the published workflow.

  8. Optionally follow the alternative use case below after initial step 1.

  9. Click on the Create New Workflow button.
  10. Enter the values listed below and Submit:
    Name = Change Request - Test Approval Coordinator
    Table = Change Request [change_request]
    If condition matches = Run the workflow
    Condition = State is Authorize
  11. On the workflow editor pane, click the Core tab and drag an Approval Coordinator activty onto the connector between Begin and End.
  12. On the pop-up pane for the Activity, give it the name 'Multiple Parallel Approvals' and under the Approval Rules header change 'Wait for' to 'Condition based on script'. This results in the field being hidden and a JavaScript editor box appearing when a rejection occurs.
  13. Enter some JavaScript below the provided comments, like:
    if (counts.rejected > 0) {
    return 'rejected';
  14. Click Submit to return to the workflow editor.
  15. Click on the icon on the Approval Coordinator workflow activity, and on the pop-up select the Open Record button.
    Observe the activity will display like shown in the screenshot below, where the script will not be displayed for edit and the When a rejection occurs field will still display, because a client error is blocking the associated client-side code.


Please review the Fixed In section to determine the latest available patch your instance can be upgraded to.

As a workaround, do not use the 'Open Record' button on the pop-up, instead, double click or hit Enter on the activity node, so that the activity form loads properly in a modal window.

Related Problem: PRB1270188

Seen In

Kingston Patch 10
Kingston Patch 8
Kingston Patch 9

Fixed In

Kingston Patch 11
London Patch 4

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