• The requirement is to understand how Discovery node license usage is calculated. This article can be referred to understand the business logic behind the license calculation.
  • This article will demonstrate the details about the license calculation, hence in the future, if a similar requirement occurs then this article can be considered.


  • Servicenow Discovery Node License calculation is performed on the Server (cmdb_ci_server) table. It refers to the number of servers discovered in last 90 days.
  • This includes physical servers as well as virtual servers. Once in cmdb_ci_server.list the following filters have to be applied

    • Discovery Source--> is -->ServiceNow
    • Most recent discovery -->“at or after” --> Last 90 days

  • Using this logic, the Discovery nodes "Used" number is calculated. Below are the steps that can be followed to validate the used number on an instance.

    • Connect to ServiceNow Instance.
    • Navigate to Subscript Management >> Subscriptions.
    • Locate and open the "Discovery Node" record.
    • Verify the value of the "Used" field.

  • Please find below a sample screenshot of the record.

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