Issue Description:
Variable with a Tree Picker attribute doesn't show any results if a reference qualifier is applied


Affected Instances:

London Patch 4 Hotfix 2

Steps to Reproduce


1. Create a reference type catalog variable
2. Choose reference "Category [sc_category]"
3. Use Reference Qualifier: Simple
4. Reference Qualifier Condition:
"Active" "is" "True"
5. Set the variable attribute "tree_picker=true"
6. Submit the variable
7. Click on the try It button for the catalog item
8. Click on the magnifying icon for the variable

Expected behavior: The popup should show results

Actual behavior: The popup doesn't show any results.

Please Note: If you remove the reference qualifier then the results are populated as expected and the issue seems to be surfacing only in London Patch 4 and is not able to reproduce the issue in London Patch 3


Fix Targets:

The PRB is fixed in newyork and backported to Madrid Patch-1, London Patch-6 and hotfixed in LP4HF3


There is no workaround for this issue

Related Problem: PRB1321520

Seen In

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Fixed In

London Patch 4 Hot Fix 3
London Patch 6
Madrid Patch 1
New York

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