Creating new records from a list with saved filter can have different 'Opened by' and 'Created by'. End users may report this behavior as intermittent if they create records through different means.

'Opened by' and 'Created by' does not match

  1. Determine how the record was created
    Common methods of creating incidents include:
    • Through the standard UI
    • Record producers
    • Service Catalog items (with possible Workflow)
    • Inbound Email Action
  2. If record was created through standard UI, check if there is a filter.
  3. If yes, you can change the preset values from the saved filter as needed.

Note: This behavior is not specific to Incident table.


Example steps to reproduce:

  1. Log into is as System Admin
  2. Navigate to task.list and filter for opened_by='ITIL User'

  3. Click 'New' UI Acton
  4. Select any type of task from the interceptor, fill up the form and save the record
  5. Result will show the following fields are set to:
    • Created By: System Admin
    • Opened By: ITIL User

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