Customers who want to migrate articles from one instance to another should consider and move all the dependency tables information as well. This article provides high-level details of which tables need to be considered when moving from one instance to the other.

Dependency Tables

  • Knowledge bases - kb_knowledge_base table
  • Categories - kb_category table
  • Can Read/Cannot Read/ Can Contribute/Cannot Contribute user criteria - kb_uc_can_read_mtom_list table
  • Knowledge Author, Approver users - sysapproval_approver_list table
  • Article Domain if not global - sys_domain table
  • Workflow - workflow table
  • Knowledge Feedback - kb_feedback table
  • Knowledge Feedback Tasks 
  • Attachments - Sys_attachment table
  • Related Products -
  • Attach to Task entries -  m2m_kb_task table
  • Knowledge Keywords - meta 
  • KB Use - kb_use table 

If the i18n Plugin is Active, then make sure these tables are migrated

  • Translated Articles
  • kb_department entries

If the Knowledge Advanced plugin is Active, make sure these tables are migrated

  • Knowledge Versions
  • Knowledge Summary

Applicable Versions


Additional Information

The dependency tables information provided on this article is only high level information. There can be more tables involved depending on the plugins activated on the customer's instance. A thorough testing is needed once all the tables are migrated properly. 

Article Information

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