This article will demonstrate about the Credential exchange or handshake between the ServiceNow Cloud Management Platform API and Azure Cloud.


  • During an API call to discover resources in Azure, the API DSL is populated with the credential id and this is sent to the probe.
  • The probe APIProxyProbe is what runs in the ECC queue when we discover any resources in CMP.
  • This probe has a method called getCredentialsById(credential) which uses a factory method to get the Credential details back to the probe.
  • The probe then uses camel context to send the credentials as part of the request header to endpoints.
  • This header is provided to the script that is defined in the CAPI method mapper which uses rest API calls to discover the resources.
  • Understand which script includes are mapped to a particular discovery please check the CAPI method mappers. For eg :


  • This is the method mapper that describes ListNodes operation.
  • The Mid Script includes "azure-compute-1.0-ListNodes" runs and discovers the VM in Azure.
  • Camel context is an interface used to represent the context used to configure routes and the policies to use during message exchanges between endpoints.
  • These are the Java class that ServiceNow using CAPIOrchestratorServiceImpl & APIProxyProbe


  • capiSvrScript.findMatchingMid() is a java scripted API which is responsible to verify the Active MID with Cloud capabilities.
  • In this method, we get all matching mids based on capabilities and target(IP Range) then we get active mid, again, based on capabilities, target, and other parameters.
  • After that, we call the override mid and this script is had coded, we do not expect this to be changed.

Additional Information

  • Once the discovery executes the UI action "Get Subscriptions" would perform successful or unsuccessful authorization if the authorization fails it would throw an error here.


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