The "Discovery CI schedule Manager > CI Schedules" may display incorrect state of schedules. Schedules may display as "Running" when in fact there are no active discoveries for such schedule. 

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Create a discovery_result record where "Ended" = null and populate the discovery_schedule field with a valid schedule. For the same schedule confirm there are no active discoveries.
  2. Open "Discovery CI schedule Manager > CI Schedules".
  3. Check the left column showing the state of the schedule, which is displayed incorrectly as "Running".


There are three possible solutions to the issue.

Solution A:

  1. Find the schedule with incorrect state of "Running."
  2. Populate the "Ended" date for discovery_result where state = "Starting."

Solution B:

  1. Find the schedule with incorrect state of "Running."
  2. Delete discovery_result records where "Ended" = null and state = "Starting."

Solution C:

With the New York release, a Business Rule cleans up the Discovery results when any Discovery status is deleted. The scheduled jobs existing over “discovery_status” and “discovery_results” table help to clear off the abandoned data that is no longer in use (i.e., when no discovery status is associated).

Import this into your instance.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><record_update sys_domain="global" table="sys_script">
<sys_script action="INSERT_OR_UPDATE">
<condition>current.state == 'Completed' || current.state == 'Canceled'</condition>
<description>Used to delete the respective record from discovery_result table before deleting a Completed or Canceled discovery status</description>
<name>Delete discovery result on status delete</name>
<script><![CDATA[(function executeRule(current, previous /*null when async*/) {

var gr = new GlideRecord('discovery_result');
gr.query('status', current.sys_id + '');

})(current, previous);]]></script>
<sys_created_on>2019-04-09 11:04:20</sys_created_on>
<sys_name>Delete discovery result on status delete</sys_name>
<sys_package display_value="Global" source="global">global</sys_package>
<sys_scope display_value="Global">global</sys_scope>
<sys_updated_on>2019-04-09 11:04:20</sys_updated_on>
<sys_translated_text action="delete_multiple" query="documentkey=a04436cc6730330022646c706785ef9f"/>


Related Problem: PRB1322805

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New York

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