Logout Screen and login screen of an instance is in different language than the one set for the user

An example of a logout screen displaying the content in a different language is as shown below:

EXPECTED: To show content on the logout screen in English

ACTUAL: Shows content on the logout screen in a different language


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If a user logs into the instance, impersonates the guest user and then changes the language of the guest user to some other language by using the language picker then it will change the language in which the content on the login and the logout screen is displayed.

For Example:

If a user has his preferred language set to English but when he logs into the instance and impersonates the guest user and then switches the language to German, the result would be the content of the login and logout screen will now be displayed in German and not in English.


This is because, the language in which the content on the login screen is displayed before user authentication is done is the language set for the guest user and hence it takes the changed language. The same is the case for the language used for the logout screen content.


  1. The affected user will have to log into the instance
  2. Impersonate the guest user again
  3. Switch the language back to the original/expected language 

By following the above steps, we will reset the language for the guest user and hence resolve the unexpected behavior.


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