After upgrading to London, users may notice that they are no longer able to edit the "state" field on the list view for Customer Service Cases. They will see the field as read-only with the following prompt "Security prevents writing to this field"




The developers for the Customer Service application have updated the ACLs so that, the out of box behaviour from London, the state field cannot be edited on the customer service case list.

Here is the ACL that was changed (sn_customerservice_case.state):

In Kingston, the roles were populated with "sn_esm_agent" and "sn_esm_user" roles.

In London, the roles were removed and replaced with the "nobody" role. The "nobody" role is a unique system role which means that no user has access - not even admin or maint can pass the ACL.


We strongly recommend that you review your business requirement to see if you really require users to be able to edit the state field from the list view. Typically, state fields can be tied to workflows and SLA which can be broken by users manually changing the state field so it is prudent to lock this field down.

If you really want to allow users to edit the state field on the customer service case list, you can create a new ACL to allow them to do just that with these steps:

1. Log into your instance as an administrator
2. Elevate to security_admin
3. In the application navigator go to:
System Security > Access Control (ACL)
4. Click on "new"
5. Fill in the new ACL record with the following details:
type= record
operation= list_edit
active= true
name= sn_customerservice_case.state
Requires role= {add in the roles of users you would like to have the ability to edit in list view}
6. Submit

Now, your users can pass this new ACL to gain access to the sn_customerservice_case.state field via the list view.

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 20:55:27