This article briefs on how to achieve dynamic filtering with data from sys_ui_navigator_history table, so that when an user opens up the report, he/she can only see his/her data alone.  

Also, this article will clarify on whether dynamic filtering possible with Database views?


  • For now, we don't have provision available on the DB view to have dynamic filter on where clause. This can be an good candidate for enhancement. You can raise an Product enhancement request as per following KB article:
    Requesting ServiceNow product enhancements
  • However, you can achieve the requirement of dynamic filtering via setting up before query business rule on  sys_ui_navigator_history table as per your business need.
  • Then build the report on sys_ui_navigator_history table.
  • In general, users don't have read access to sys_ui_navigator_history table and hence you might need to create a read ACL to grant access.

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Any supported release.

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Create a Business Rule

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