Discovery of a device is failing with missing Mandatory field error.

"CMDB Identification Error: Missing mandatory field"

Release or Environment

All releases.


You will encounter this issue when the system property "glide.required.attribute.enabled" is set to "true". Identification engine looks for all the mandatory attributes for a particular class(ex:cmdb_ci_win_server) and check to see if all the mandatory values are coming in as part of the payload. 

example: If location is set as mandatory on the cmdb_ci_win_server class, Identification engine expects it to be part of the payload before it tries to insert into the table.


Set the system property "glide.required.attribute.enabled" to false, in table sys_properties. We already have required attributes as part of identifiers that are used for identification and reconciliation. Having Mandatory attributes on the class that are not brought in by discovery at Identification will result in the error.

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Last Updated:2019-09-16 08:49:12