User is unable to apply conditional coloring to values in aggregated columns in a report

Steps To Reproduce

  1. Go to the create Report
  2. Source - table
  3. Table - incident
  4. Type - Multi Pivot Table
  5. Configure - Aggregation - count
  6. Configure - select Columns - impact
  7. Configure - select Rows - Priority
  8. Save the Report
  9. Open the Saved Report
  10. Go to Style - Edit coloring rules
  11. Click on create new Rule
  12. Giving Values as below :

              13.Click on Submit


       The report will get affected with coloring rules and displayed as below 

The user complains about not being able to apply coloring rules on aggregate columns.


This is not an issue as this was never meant to be a feature. If the customer doesn't feel satisfied with this, submit an enhancement request.

As per the dev team, “By design, coloring is not enabled for aggregated columns as the aggregate column colors could become noise over all the other cell colors. If the customer is not happy, create an enhancement request".

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 20:55:48