Pattern based discovery fails with the following error:

yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss: The number of rows in the table has reached the maximum limit of 20,000. To adjust this use the glide property com.glide.closure_max_rows_per_table.

Probable Cause

This indicates that the amount of data collected in the table variable is huge and is exceeding the default number of rows per table.


There isn't a definite figure for "com.glide.closure_max_rows_per_table" property. You can increase it gradually until the error is no longer seen. However increasing this property will allow more data to added to this variable and therefore, consume more heap memory. If the MID server's heap memory is not adjusted together with increasing the property, the MID server might crash with "OutOfMemory" errors.

This is a MID server property "ecc_agent_property" and not a system property "sys_property". So in order to increase it, you will need to implement one of the following methods:


Method 1:

  • Open this form to add a new property in "ecc_agent_property" table: 
    name: com.glide.closure_max_rows_per_table 
    value: 100000
    mid server: leave empty, if you want it to apply to all MID servers.
  • Restart the MID servers for the property to take effect.

Method 2:

  • Connect to the MID server host
  • Navigate to the MID server installation directory > agent > properties >  open file with a text editor
  • Add the property: com.glide.closure_max_rows_per_table=100000
  • Save the file
  • Restart the MID server process for the property to take effect.

Note: If the property was added using the glide file, then it will be removed/cleared after any MID server upgrades. This is because the upgrade process overrides the glide file with the default values.

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